2021 Election Results


There were no partisan races in 2021 in Bexar County. Two liberty-minded individuals ran for city council with the party’s endorsement:

San Antonio City Council, District 6
Melissa Cabello Havrda: 55% (6,892)
Irina Rudolph: 28% (3,515)
Robert Hernandez: 8% (965)
Robert Walker: 5% (599)
Chris Baecker: 4% (454) LPBexar-endorsed candidate

Leon Valley City Council, Place 3
Jed Hefner: 59% (585) LPBexar-endorsed candidate
Danielle Carriere Bolton: 41% (413)

Ballot Measures

Proposition A passed. This expands the range of items that the city of San Antonio can take on debt to fund. We advised Libertarian voters to vote “no” on this proposition, since it would further enable government debt and spending.

Proposition B failed. This would have eliminated the ability of the San Antonio Police Officers Association to collectively negotiate wages and benefits. Public sector unions cause numerous issues for the tax payer, and police unions doubly so, since they often protect bad cops from being fired. For this reason, we advised Libertarian voters to vote “yes” on this proposition