Article I: Name and Purpose

The name of this organization shall be the Libertarian Party of Bexar County which shall also be referred to as LPBexar. LPBexar is an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Texas, which shall also be referred to as LPTexas.

The purpose of LPBexar is to implement and give voice to the principles and message of the Libertarian Party by: 

  • Educating the public about Libertarian ideas. 
  • Nominating and supporting the best candidates to represent the party from our membership.
  • Developing and cultivating leaders to represent our voice at the state and national party. 
  • Creating alliances and working with like-minded organizations and citizens in our area.
  • Influencing local and state government towards libertarian principles.

Article II: Duration

The duration of this organization and Bylaws shall persist as long as the County Executive Committee exists.

Article III. Membership

There will be two types of membership, general membership and voting membership. No dues shall be required for any membership. No member may have their rights of membership or participation restricted or denied on the basis of their gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any other personal attributes or lifestyle choices.

1. General Membership

Any person 18 years of age or older, who resides within the county is eligible for general membership. A general member is anyone on our membership list. General members may participate in any party business that does not require voting membership.

2. Voting Membership

All voting members are automatically general members. Only voting members may vote on party business. In order to obtain the privilege of voting membership, a person must: 

  • Sign an ‘Oath of Affiliation’, 
  • Be a qualified Texas voter in Bexar county, 
  • Not be affiliated with any other political party that calendar year,
  • Agree to and sign the Libertarian Pledge: “I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.”
  • Agree to and sign the LPTexas “Statement of Principles”

Special rights and privileges of voting membership include nominating and electing county officers and candidates for office, and serving as delegates at party nominating conventions. In addition, only county voting members may be elected to vacancies on the CEC, and vote on decisions regarding the election or removal of officers or whether to remove the voting membership status of other voting members.

3. Procedures for resignation or removal of members

A. Resignation

Any member may resign themselves by notifying any officer of their desire to have their name removed from our membership list, provided the resignation is received in writing and can be verified by more than one officer. 

B. Voting Member Removal

Voting members may be removed by a unanimous vote of the officers present and ⅔ of voting members in attendance during a special session. 

Membership may be revoked if a member commits slander or libel against LPBexar, LPTexas, the Libertarian Party in general or otherwise compromises the trust of LPBexar, which may include but is not limited to lawsuit or theft. 

Article IV. County Executive Committee (CEC)

1. Composition of Committee

The county executive committee shall consist of all elected officers. 

At the county nominating conventions held every two years, officers will be elected for a term beginning at the end of the convention and ending at the end of the next convention.

Only voting members are eligible for positions as officers. The only position that must be filled according to the LPTexas state rules is the position of county chair. In the absence of any voting members to elect officers, a county chair may be appointed by the state party chair. Any county chair appointed by the state chair has the duty to recruit voting members who will elect a new CEC.

The rights and duties of each officer are as follows:

Chair – The Chair shall preside over meetings, oversee all activities of LPBexar, perform duties necessary to maintain LPBexar’s legal status as a political party, and perform other duties assigned by LPTexas.

Vice Chair – The Vice Chair shall assist the Chair and perform the Chair’s duties when the Chair is absent.

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall collect and track donations, report expenditures, and report the current balance of LPBexar’s funds each business meeting. 

Secretary – The Secretary shall take minutes, record attendance, and tabulate votes on motions at business meetings and share the meeting minutes with the other county officers in a timely fashion. The Secretary shall also maintain the general and voting membership lists.  

Historian – The Historian shall assist the Chair and Secretary with the keeping records and managing data between the national LP and LPTexas  about candidates and members. 

2. Spending Authorization

Funds shall be disbursed by the Treasurer with the authorization of the majority of the CEC, or by a majority of Voting Members at a business meeting. CEC authorizations shall only be valid after all members of the CEC have been notified and have had the opportunity to vote. A vote by the CEC shall be considered failed if a majority have not voted 2 days after the call for a vote. The CEC, or a majority of Voting Members at a business meeting, may designate an amount that chair is authorized to spend unilaterally. 

3. Requirements

The CEC shall furnish copies of these rules to any voting member upon request.

4. Vacancies

If an officer position is vacant, the voting members may nominate and select another voting member to fill that position at any business meeting. 

A. Resignation 

Any officer may resign in writing to the county chair, or in the case of the county chair, the resignation must be submitted to the state chair.

B. Removal of Officers

An officer may be removed by a ⅔ vote of no confidence by the voting members in attendance at a special session.

(i) The LPTexas rules state that: “Any county chair who for whatever reason, fails to hold a county convention in accordance with the LPTexas rules, or who fails to report the results of such a convention to the state chair or person designated to process such reports, shall no longer be county chair. Any vacancy thus created may be filled by appointment by the state chair.” 

Article V. Conventions

  1.  No one may be elected as a Delegate or Alternate to a State or District Conventions unless they:
    • are a Voting Member of LPBexar, and
    • have made a recorded donation to LPBexar in the past calendar year.
    • This rule will go into effect on Jan 1 2021 at which point this line will be removed.

Article VI. Meetings

All meeting except general meetings shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order. 

1. General Meetings

General meetings shall be held at the discretion of the party and may be held for the purpose of general discussion, guest speaker events, discussion panels, candidate meet and greets, or organizing party events.

2. Business Meetings

A business meeting is held for the purpose of allowing the Voting Members of LPBexar to direct action and establish policy for the county party.

  1. Calling a Meeting: A business meeting may be called by 5 current Voting Members, by 10% of all current Voting Members, or by a majority of the County Executive Committee. Those calling a meeting shall provide a tentative agenda. 
  2. Frequency Requirement: The County Executive Committee shall ensure there is at least one business meeting held per calendar year. 
  3. Announcement Requirement: Business meetings shall be announced to the public, in an easily accessible way, at least 15 days before the meeting is held. 
  4. Agenda: A tentative agenda must be provided along with the business meeting announcement. Any objection to consideration may pass by ⅓ vote of the Voting Members present if the question is not directly related to an item announced on the tentative agenda.
  5. Restrictions: No motion may obligate the party to take on debt. No motion may be against the LPTexas Statement of Principles in any fundamental way.
  6. Quorum: Quorum for business meetings is defined as a majority of current officers plus one non officer voting member.

3. Special Sessions

Special Sessions are business meetings that are not open to the public. A Special Session may be called by ⅓ of all current voting members or by ⅔ of officers. Special Sessions must be announced at least 3 weeks before they are held. Quorum for a special session is defined as a majority of all officers and 10% of all current voting members of LPBexar.

Article VII. Voting Procedures

1. Approval or Range Voting

Approval Voting or Range Voting shall be used in all votes; except where restricted by the State Rules, or when a different voting system is decided upon by majority vote.

2. Right to Vote Against

The right to vote against individual nominees or none of the nominees, “NOTA”, shall be an available choice in all elections except where restricted by LPTexas State Rules.

LPBexar Voting Members shall have the right to not elect someone to Public or Party Office.

Article VIII. Adoption and Amendments to Rules

1. Amendments

A. Permanent amendments

These rules may be permanently amended, altered or repealed only by a ⅔ vote of the affiliate members at the county convention.

B. Temporary Amendments

Temporary amendments must be presented at least two weeks before a business meeting to the chair. The CEC must announce proposed amendments at least one week in advance of a business meeting. Temporary amendments will take effect upon ratification by ⅔ vote of affiliates in attendance at a business meeting. Temporary amendments will only remain in effect until the next county convention. In order to become permanent amendments, they must be presented at that convention for approval by the delegates.

A change log appendix shall keep track of when these rules were changed with brief information on what changed.

2. Superiority of Rules

These rules supersede and nullify all previous rules, constitutions or by-laws.