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We do more when we have more support. Volunteers and donations create options.

Go to www.LPBexar.org and click the Donate button to become a $15/monthly donor. The more of you that pitch in to the cause the more people learn that there is an alternative to the status quo.

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Old party government planners often declare big businesses to be monopolies and argue they should be broken up because it is an unfair advantage. However, when it is pointed out that both old parties worked together to create a government monopoly on elections their response is... "Eh, try harder".

They support an antiquated voting system, gerrymandering, outmoded petitioning systems, election/fiance laws that favor them, and restrictive ballot access laws.

They shouldn't be picking winners and losers in markets nor in our elections. An election system that doesn't allow voters to express themselves is corrupt.

#VoterChoice #ApprovalVoting #GovernmentMonopoly #Duopoly #Coruption #VoteGold
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7 hours ago

Libertarian Party of Bexar County

It’s official, y’all: we’re going to the border. Join us at the 2020 LPTexas State Convention: April 17-19 in McAllen, Texas.

Convention packages and details coming soon.

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