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November 2023 Election – Constitutional Amendments

LPBexar Voting Guide

Welcome to the Libertarian Party of Bexar County’s Voter Guide. On this page, you will find our position on ongoing legislation with a brief explanation of our position. Don’t forget to follow LPBexar on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, donate, and sign up to volunteer!

Proposition 1 – HJR 126

  • Amendment: Protecting the right to engage in farming, ranching, timber production, horticulture, and wildlife management.
  • Effect: Enumerates the right to agriculture. Does little to prevent regulation on a state level and from administrative agencies, but does limit some encroachment from municipalities by raising standard to be clear and convincing.
  • Our Position: YES Platform I.2 “LPTexas stands firm with an individual’s inherent right to own property” (property rights include the right of enjoyment in one’s property – Jus in re propria)

Proposition 2 – SJR 64

  • Amendment: Authorizing a local option exemption from ad valorem taxation by a county or municipality of all or part of the appraised value of real property used to operate a child-care facility.
  • Effect: Would provide authority for the legislature to pass tax exemptions for child-care facilities. It would also allow the legislature to define a childcare facility for the purpose of the tax exemption.
  • Our Position: YES Platform II.1.b “LPTexas supports the elimination of all property taxes” (While this would not eliminate all property taxes it is a step in the right direction, though there is debate that this amounts to picking winners and losers)

Proposition 3 – HJR 132

  • Amendment: Prohibiting the imposition of an individual wealth or net worth tax, including a tax on the difference between the assets and liabilities of an individual or family.
  • Effect: This is a ban on any hypothetical wealth tax and would prohibit the legislature from ever passing such a tax based on either wealth or net worth unless this amendment were repealed in the future.
  • Our Position: YES Platform II.1 “LPTexas opposes the imposition of income tax by any governmental entity” (though not per se an income tax, a wealth tax serves an arguably analogous purpose targeting the fruits of one’s labor)

Proposition 4 – HJR 2

  • Amendment: Increases the homestead tax exemption from $40,000 to $100,000
  • Effect: Self explanatory, but again is limited only to homesteads, and places an appraisal cap on non-homesteads of 120%, allows legislature to use “tax compression” to offset school district collections
  • Our Position: YES Platform II.1.b “LPTexas supports the elimination of all property taxes” (While this would not eliminate all property taxes it is a step in the right direction, though there is debate that this amounts to picking winners and losers)

Proposition 5 – HJR 3

  • Amendment: Relating to the Texas University Fund, which provides funding to certain institutions of higher education to achieve national prominence as major research universities and drive the state economy.
  • Effect: The money in NRUF comes from a state-owned fund that receives revenue from oil and gas royalties. The NRUF was created in 2009 to provide funding for research at universities aspiring to achieve national prominence. Texas State University, Texas Tech University, the University of Houston; and the University of North Texas are eligible beneficiaries.
  • Our Position: NO Platform II.2.a “LPTexas seeks a nonpartisan education funding policy that would provide equitable use of state funds to eliminate waste and decrease bureaucracy, with the ultimate goal of voluntary funding.” (this new funding scheme furthers bureaucracy)

Proposition 6 – SJR 75

  • Amendment: Creating the Texas water fund to assist in financing water projects in this state.
  • Effect: The Water Fund would be money allocated by the legislature. Money appropriated by the legislature to the fund would be excluded from the appropriation limit. This fund would be used for water infrastructure projects throughout Texas.
  • Our Position: NO Platform II.1.e “LPTexas supports a moratorium on … all other forms of government borrowing.” (Because this would bypass the appropriations limit, it could potentially lead to more government debt)

Proposition 7 – SJR 93

  • Amendment: Providing for the creation of the Texas energy fund to support the construction maintenance modernization and operation of electric generating facilities.
  • Effect: The Energy Fund would be money allocated by the legislature. Money appropriated by the legislature to the fund would be excluded from the appropriation limit. This fund could be used for loans to utility companies for dispatchable generation capacity.
  • Our Position: NO Platform II.1.e “LPTexas supports a moratorium on … all other forms of government borrowing.” (Because this would bypass the appropriations limit, it could potentially lead to more government debt)

Proposition 8 – HJR 125

  • Amendment: Creating the broadband infrastructure fund to expand high-speed broadband access and assist in the financing of connectivity projects.
  • Effect: The Broadband Fund would be money allocated by the legislature. Money appropriated by the legislature to the fund would be excluded from the appropriation limit. This fund could be used for telecommunications projects in Texas.
  • Our Position: NO Platform II.1.e “LPTexas supports a moratorium on … all other forms of government borrowing.” (Because this would bypass the appropriations limit, it could potentially lead to more government debt)

Proposition 9 – HJR 2 Regular Session

  • Amendment: Provides a cost-of-living adjustment to certain annuitants of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.
  • Effect: Would allow the legislature through SB10 to provide a one time COLA adjustment that would come from the General fund and is estimated to cost $3.4B. The TRS was established in 1937 and is essentially social security for Texas educators.
  • Our Position: NO Platform II.1 “The budgets of all levels of government must be balanced, and government spending reduced” (While our platform is silent on COLA adjustments to pre existing debt, this seems to go against fiscal restraint)

Proposition 10 – SJR 87

  • Amendment: Authorize the legislature to exempt from ad valorem taxation equipment or inventory held by a manufacturer of medical or biomedical products to protect the Texas healthcare network and strengthen our medical supply chain.
  • Effect: Enables legislation passed in SB 2289 which provides specific exemption carve outs for medical supplies as defined in SB 2289, and prohibits those from computation in any ad valorem tax scheme such as sales or property taxes.
  • Our Position: YES Platform II.1 “All persons are entitled to the fruits of their labor” (While this does limit opportunities for taxation, the platform is silent on ad valorem taxes for consumption of goods. This amendment also picks winners and losers, and so we may want to abstain due to lack of authority from our platform)

Proposition 11 – SJR 32

  • Amendment: Authorizing the legislature to permit conservation and reclamation districts in El Paso County to issue bonds supported by ad valorem taxes to fund the development and maintenance of parks and recreational facilities.
  • Effect: This allows for government bonds to be issued and repaid from property taxes for the purpose of funding parks and rec in El Paso. Currently the constitution only allows this in Bexar, Bastrop, Waller, Travis, Williamson, Harris, Galveston, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Montgomery, and Tarrant county. This would amend the constitution to add El Paso to the list.
  • Our Position: NO Platform II.1.e “LPTexas supports a moratorium on bond issuance, Certificates of Obligation, and all other forms of government borrowing” (This amendment specifically expands the power to issue debt and then potentially raise taxes to pay off the debt)

Proposition 12 – HJR 134

  • Amendment: Providing for the abolition of the office of county treasurer in Galveston County.
  • Effect: County treasurers are elected officials who merely distribute county funds at the direction of the county commissioner’s court, and have little discretion themselves. This would allow Galveston to delegate the duties of county treasurer.
  • Our Position: YES Platform II.1 “We seek to reduce the size and scope of government.” (This eliminates one more elected bureaucrat reducing the size of gov’t, and provides clearer accountability for the county commissioners)

Proposition 13 – HJR 107

  • Amendment: Increases the mandatory age of retirement for state justices and judges.
  • Effect: Currently the age limit for state judges is 75, this would raise it to 79. It would also increase the minimum retirement age from 70 to 75.
  • Our Position: YES Platform I.5.c “LPTexas supports the right of voters to decide who will be on the ballot.” (Ultimately the choice of candidate should belong to the voters)

Proposition 14 – SJR 74

  • Amendment: Providing for the creation of the centennial parks conservation fund to be used for the creation and improvement of state parks.
  • Effect: The Parks Fund would be money allocated by the legislature. Money appropriated by the legislature to the fund would be excluded from the appropriation limit. This fund could be used for State park projects in Texas.
  • Our Position: NO Platform II.1.e “LPTexas supports a moratorium on … all other forms of government borrowing.” (Because this would bypass the appropriations limit, it could potentially lead to more government debt)

Discover the Best Candidates for a Free and Prosperous San Antonio: LPBexar’s Survey Results

Dear Bexar County Voters,

As the 2023 municipal election season in San Antonio draws near, it is essential that we take a closer look at the candidates running for office and the policies they propose. Your vote in this election will directly impact the future of our city, and it is crucial that you make an informed decision. That’s why we at LPBexar have compiled a comprehensive survey of candidates’ stances on various issues affecting San Antonio.

Our 2023 San Antonio Candidate Survey is a voting guide that features responses from the candidates to multiple issues that are affecting our community. It is designed to help voters make informed decisions by providing them with an unbiased analysis of each candidate’s views on general principles, public safety, local economy, city services, and education.

Our survey is unique in that we have also highlighted the candidates who aligned best with the Libertarian stances on these issues. These accolades are a reflection of our belief that the Libertarian philosophy is the best approach to governance and that candidates who share these values are likely to represent our community’s interests better.

Our survey covers a broad range of topics, including:

  1. General Principles: This section covers the candidates’ positions on individual rights, government size, and scope, among other principles.
  2. Public Safety: This section covers the candidates’ views on law enforcement and criminal justice issues, such as police accountability, criminal justice reform, and the use of force.
  3. Local Economy: This section covers the candidates’ views on economic development, job creation, and business regulations.
  4. City Services: This section covers the candidates’ views on infrastructure, transportation, and public services.
  5. Education: This section covers the candidates’ views on education policy, including school choice, curriculum standards, and funding.

Our survey is a valuable resource for voters who want to learn more about the candidates running for office in San Antonio. We encourage you to take the time to review our survey and consider each candidate’s views on the issues that matter most to you.

We believe that informed voters are the key to a healthy democracy, and we hope that our survey will help you make a more informed decision on election day. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to seeing you at the polls.

JR Haseloff,

Chair, Libertarian Party of Bexar County

Libertarians Warn of Possible Violent Reactions to City’s Use of Eminent Domain

Since the party’s founding in 1971, a core belief that has bound Libertarians together is the principle of non-aggression in the pursuit of political and social goals. To achieve membership in the national party, prospective members must affirm their pledge to such effect.
LPBexar Chair, JR Haseloff, provides remarks at City Council Public Session, March 22, 2023.

This week, multiple members of the local Libertarian Party affiliate in Bexar County attended a public comment session to provide remarks on the City of San Antonio’s use of eminent domain to take Moses Roses’ Hideout from it’s owner, Vince Cantu.

A recent article published in the San Antonio Current, “Libertarian Party leader tells San Antonio council that violence may erupt over Moses Rose’s dispute” captures some remarks from the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Bexar County, the full remarks of which are provided below. While the article’s quotes are factual, the reporting leaves out the greater concern and intent.

Taken out of context, this may seem to indicate that the Libertarian Party will resort to violence. It is important to note that the principle of non-aggression is a core belief that has bound Libertarians together since the party’s founding in 1971. This principle asserts that individuals have the right to pursue their own interests without interference from others, as long as they do not initiate force or fraud against others.

Cherry picking sensationalist quotes may drive clicks, but the intent of the remarks as evidenced below is to prevent violence. In ensuring this end is met, it is vital that our politicians have a correct read on the pulse of their constituents. Again, we only pray that City of San Antonio and Texas politicians are receiving this message.

LPBexar’s full COME AND TAKE IT eminent domain rally can be found here:

Dear Members of the City Council,
My name is JR Haseloff and I am the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Bexar County.
I stand before you today to voice my firm opposition to your eminent domain vote which takes Moses Roses Hideout from Vince Cantu. It is an absolute travesty that you were willing to take it away from him in order to checks notes expand the footprint of the Alamo.
The Alamo? A location where grown men found it quite reasonable to fight and die for the ideas of individualism and private property rights and in order to stand against the VERY similar government overreach that you yourselves are exhibiting today.
The Alamo is a symbol of freedom and liberty, and as much as your staffers fill your twitter timelines with fake reverence to the ‘great Spirit of Texas’, your actions spit in the face of Texans who truly value what it stands for. Your use of eminent domain is an affront to the very principles of the Alamo and upon which this great nation was founded.
I don’t want to parse words… What you are doing is nothing short of theft. You are taking property that does not belong to you and giving it to someone else for their own purposes/profit. This is unacceptable and must be stopped.
I call on you, members of the City Council, first, quit hiding behind the City Attorney’s instructions of “Just don’t publicly comment on it”, next, take immediate actions to engage with the Alamo Trust, develop new plans that don’t require the use of stolen property, engage the GLO Office and Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, quit letting them bully you. Stand up for what is right protect a private property owner here in San Antonio. This is your job. If you forget your job voters will remember you 24April (as early Voting begins) through May6th, your reelection day.
And to the people of San Antonio, I urge you to join us in our fight. Make your voices heard, replace these tyrants on City Council, and signal that the people will not stand for this injustice. Not in Texas, Not in San Antonio, And DEFINITELY NOT on the grounds of the Alamo.
To finalize, last week, I was honored to emcee the COME AND TAKE IT eminent domain rally at Travis Park. And while that rally was, out of an abundance of caution, marketed as a “peaceful protest”, I have to testify that grown men, individuals and organizations alike, once again are now signaling that they are prepared to sacrifice much more to prevent your theft of Moses Rose’s Hideout. I can only pray that you and our Texas politicians are receiving this message.
In conclusion, let me be clear: we will not stand idly by and watch as you steal the property from our fellow citizens. We will fight back, and we will win. Thank you.

LPBexar March Social Meetup, Sat March 18

Members of the Libertarian Party of Bexar County conclude a Rally and protest march at Vince Cantu’s Moses Roses Last Hideout.

No formal agenda, no speakers scheduled, just being good patrons of Moses Roses Hideout and discussing next steps. COME JOIN US!

Following LPBexar’s COME AND TAKE IT Eminent Domain Rally, March’s social will be an informal debrief on site to discuss maintaining momentum and important next steps.

There will be pizza!

Come join us and bring a friend. Everyone is welcome to come learn more about the Party, ask questions, and get to know others in LPBexar!

Eventbrite Link:

Facebook Event Link:

Time to Draw the Line: Taking a Stand Against Eminent Domain Abuse

Molon Labe – Come and Take It
Moses Roses Hideout IS our Alamo. If the govt can take his property against his will they can take any of ours.


Moses Roses and Alamo Trust agreed on the process for the final offer, which was to include ‘projected lost income’. RSI, the appraisal company selected calculated this at $5m+.

Now, a whistleblower has alleged that Alamo Trust threatened not to pay RSI if they left it in and directed them to reduce it, something they previously agreed to pay.

End Result? A low-ball offer, which didn’t follow the terms of what Vince and the Alamo Trust had previously agreed to.

Start writing the city attorney Andy Segovia and Deborah Klein. Tell them DO NOT CONDEMN Moses Roses on Monday 5/8, until a call between all parties with appraisal company, RSI and Associates, occurs so we can find out the truth about the appraisal!;

Additionally, contact RSI & Associates here:

As the saying goes, a person’s home is their castle. Add a person’s business to that saying too. What happens when the government wants to take our castle away? Eminent domain is the legal process that allows governments to take private property many times without the just compensation given to the property owner.

It’s time for property owners to draw the line and take a stand against eminent domain abuse. Here are steps you can take to protect your property and your rights. PLEASE DO AS MANY AS YOU CAN in the next 10 days. Time is of the essence!

At the end of the day, we are fighting to ensure that Vince Cantu and his family are fairly represented and treated by the government. If he chooses not to sell, that right should be respected. If the city needs his property badly enough, they should make him an offer that will adequately compensate him for sacrificing his property and his future. 

Actions for San Antonians:

Contact Your San Antonio District Rep:

  • Find your city council representative here Once the map pulls them up, click on their name to get to their website with their contact info.
  • If it is DISTRICT 2 or DISTRICT 5: Tell them THANK YOU for voting against eminent domain
  • If it DISTRICT 1 (the district representing Moses Rose’s Hideout), 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: Tell them that you DO NOT SUPPORT eminent domain, and you are UPSET at them for voting to authorize eminent domain. Tell them that you expect them to PROTECT THEIR CONSTITUENTS from the actions of the government. Tell them you want them to walk eminent domain back, and that this issue will affect your vote for their position in the next election.
  • Phone numbers for San Antonio city officers 

Contact Mayor Ron Niremburg:

  • (210) 207-7107 phone
  • (210) 207-4168 fax
  • Tell the mayor that you do not support his use of eminent domain
  • Tell him that you expect him as the mayor to stand up for the citizens of San Antonio and protect them from harmful government actions. It is HIS responsibility to consider the WELFARE of the VOTERS he REPRESENTS against powerful government interests. Tell him that you DEMAND he roll back eminent domain and that the Alamo Plan MUST consider alternate plans that do not rely on Moses Roses

Actions for Texans:

Call your Texas House Representative:

  • Find your representative by inputting your address here.
  • Clicking on their name will lead you to their phone number and a link to their website.
  • Call them and tell them to support TX House Joint Resolution 81 by Rep Mike Schofield (HD132) (HJR 81 would amend TXCON article 1, section 17(b) to prohibit any eminent domain for transfer to a private entity for any reason, removing the development/tax qualification)

Contact Governor Greg Abbott:

  • (512) 463-2000
  • Click HERE to send an email.
  • Tell Governor Abbott to SUPPORT HJR 81 which will PROHIBIT eminent domain to be used to transfer property to a private entity for ANY reason.
  • Tell Governor Abbott to put pressure on the GLO to explore alternate plans that do not require the use of Moses Rose’s Hideout. Not even a reasonable effort has been made at this. 

Call Attorney General Ken Paxton:

  • 512-463-2100
  • Click HERE to send an email.
  • Remind him that sec 2206.001 (b) notes that “A governmental or private entity may not take private property through the use of eminent domain if the taking: … (3) is for economic development purposes, unless the economic development is a secondary purpose resulting from municipal community development or municipal urban renewal activities to eliminate an existing affirmative harm on society from slum or blighted areas under…”
  • The Alamo Trust has made it very clear that, without Moses ​​Roses Hideout, the economics and financials make the project unviable

Contact Lt. Governor Dan Patrick:

  • (512) 463-0001
  • Click HERE to send an email.

Call Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham:

  • 1.800.998.4GLO (4456)
    • Contact them daily HERE to send an email. 
  • “I spend a whole lotta time fighting for the underdog. If there’s a David-side to that David/Goliath fight, I’m always on that David side” –@DrBuckinghamTX, the current Goliath against @MosesRose1836, the David side.
    • “I am currently the president of my corporate ranching entity and believe we must fight against eminent domain.” –@DrBuckinghamTX
  • Our Texas Land Commissioner is the prime executor of this eminent domain action while she grandstands on the spirit of Texas and the Alamo.
  • Dawn Buckingham’s Twitter
  • 1-888-456-3962 is the number for waste and abuse.  This qualifies as both.

Actions for Everyone:

Sign the petition

  • Tell the Governor and attorney general to stop eminent domain abuse at the Alamo. Sign the Petition HERE and share it!

Write to newspapers, Call Television Stations and Radio Shows

  • Voice your concerns with eminent domain. BE the public voice you want to hear.

Write Eminent Domain Legislation to protect citizens:

  • Use the ballot measure process to get local, county, and state legislation that enhances the protections of property owners against eminent domain abuse
  • Require that eminent domain be a measure of last resort
  • Require that eminent domain fully compensate property owners for real property value, unrealized future property value, and loss of economic benefit from the use of the property. Even if the property has only sentimental value, forcing someone to give it up before they are ready requires an incentive.
  • Require all government actions of eminent domain to secure the vote of the people in the next election.

Follow LPBexar

Support Vince Cantu

  • Support Vince Cantu and patron Moses Rose’s Hideout

Spread the Word

  • Reach out to friends/family and ensure that they are aware of the issue, encourage them to do all of the above, stay up to date with the case
  • Share THIS DOCUMENT with them so that they can also take action

Mens COME AND TAKE IT Moses Roses Hideout T-Shirt

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