Author name: JR Haseloff

2022 LPBexar Conventions

Convention season is soon upon us. Save the following dates. You view the list of people seeking nomination in LPBexar.

Precinct Convention (Event Link)
Tuesday, 8 March 2022 @ 7pm
IHG Hotel, 91 NE Interstate 410 Loop, San Antonio, TX 78216 (map)

County Convention (Event Link)
Saturday, 12 March 2022 @ 10am
IHG Hotel, 91 NE Interstate 410 Loop, San Antonio, TX 78216 (map)

District Conventions
Saturday, 19 March 2022 at 12pm
State Senate, SD 21 and US Representative, CD 35
Brookhollow Branch Library
530 Heimer Rd
San Antonio, TX 78232

State Convention (Event Link)
8-10 April 2022
Westin Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas

Tickets on sale NOW!

Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, July 20th, 7pm
7000 E Loop 1604 N, San Antonio, TX 78266 (map)

We are having our monthly social meeting at Jim’s restaurant. You can come by and bring a friend to meet members of the party in the San Antonio area. Come by if you have questions and want to learn more. Some people arrive earlier to order food and chat as well.

This is a great way to come and learn more and meet like minded people in the area. If you cannot make it and still would like to be involved feel free to reach out. You can contact the officers at You can also sign up for our newsletter (link above) to stay up to date on LPBexar events and information.

HB1535 – Texas Therapeutic Use Update

Today HB1535 was referred to the Senate State Affairs Committee!

HB1535 would expand the Texas Therapeutic Use Program (TCUP) to people suffering from chronic pain and PTSD and would raise the THC cap from 0.5% (hemp is therapeutically indistinguishable at 0.3%) to a still-low but potentially therapeutic 5%. This would FINALLY make TCUP a genuine medical cannabis access program! Text of the engrossed bill below for reference:…/billtext/pdf/HB01535E.pdf

The following members of the Senate State Affairs Committee want to hear from you on HB1535. Please email or call the following Senators:
Sen. Bryan Hughes
Sen. Brian Birdwell
Sen. Donna Campbell
Sen. Bob Hall
Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr.
Sen. Jane Nelson
Sen. Beverly Powell
Sen. Charles Schwertner
Sen. Judith Zaffarini

Here is all of their contact information: As always, be respectful and brief when calling or writing our elected officials but make sure they know we support HB1535 and are encouraging them to pass this bill favorably out of committee.

Getting Involved

LPBexar membersIf you missed the 5/18 monthly meeting you can view the handout with information by clicking here.

We are looking for more people to get involved. If you would like to help us with keeping track of politics or setting up events for us to attend please reach out. We have an Operations meeting the last Thursday of each month, and we use these meetings to organize and plan for the future with our volunteers.

If you would like to learn more or you have questions for us please email

Thanks again to all our donors who enable event and outreach funding. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Legislative Update

Brief update: HB 1987, that limits party officers from running for office, passed out of the Elections Committee, so the fight moves on to the following steps:

A couple other bills we oppose are in the same situation: HB 1812 and SB 2093 (almost identical) will require our candidates to pay filing fees even though the old parties supposedly pay such fees to fund their Primary elections, which we do not use. We encourage you to take the same actions described above to oppose both bills, and use the links provided in this email to stay updated to the status of each.

Thank you for taking action with us!

Also, LPTexas has opened a Legislative Action Fund! Every dollar raised will go straight to maintaining an active, full-time, Libertarian presence at the Capitol. Send questions to the LPTexas Development Dept.: