Libertarian Party Conventions

The Libertarian Party is a convention party and does not hold primaries; this is required by the Texas Election Code. Information, including dates and locations, for our upcoming 2020 conventions is below:

Precinct Conventions

When: March 10th (Tuesday) @ 7pm
Where: Location TBD
What: This is where individuals can affiliate with LPBexar and become voting members. To affiliate and become a voting member, you must be a registered voter in Bexar county, not have affiliated with another party by participating in their 2020 convention or primary, and sign the Oath of Affiliation and the LPTexas Statement of Principles. Once affiliated, voting members will elect precinct chairs and select delegates for the county convention.

County Convention

When: March 14th (Saturday) @ (12pm-5pm current estimated time)
Where: Location TBD
What: Voting members of LPBexar will be nominating and selecting individuals to run for public office, electing individuals to party officer positions, selecting delegates for district and state conventions, and voting on possible changes to bylaws. LPBexar has 24 delegate seats available to fill for the state convention.

District Conventions

When: March 21st (Saturday) @ (2pm current estimated time)
Where: Location TBD
What: Delegates will be electing some candidates for public office districts that are a part of Bexar county. Conventions for districts outside of Bexar county will be held elsewhere in the state. One must be elected as a delegate at the county convention to participate in a district convention.

State Convention

“Building Bridges Not Walls”
Tickets And Information
When: April 16th (Thursday) @ 12pm – April 19th (Sunday), 2020
(Note: Official business starts Saturday.)
Where: McAllen Convention Center; McAllen, TX
What: One must be elected as a delegate at the county convention to participate in the state convention. Delegates will be voting on rules/bylaws changes, party platform, statewide public office candidates, party officers, SLEC representatives, and national delegates. State-level delegates will also be voting on delegates for the national convention; Texas has 73 delegate seats allocated this time.

National Convention

Tickets And Information
When: May 21 (Thursday), 2020 – May 25th (Monday), 2020
Where: JW Marriott; Austin, Texas
What: Delegates will vote voting on bylaws, party platform, LNC, and presidential candidates. One must be elected as a delegate at the state convention to participate in the national convention.