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Libertarians Warn of Possible Violent Reactions to City’s Use of Eminent Domain

Since the party’s founding in 1971, a core belief that has bound Libertarians together is the principle of non-aggression in the pursuit of political and social goals. To achieve membership in the national party, prospective members must affirm their pledge to such effect.
LPBexar Chair, JR Haseloff, provides remarks at City Council Public Session, March 22, 2023.

This week, multiple members of the local Libertarian Party affiliate in Bexar County attended a public comment session to provide remarks on the City of San Antonio’s use of eminent domain to take Moses Roses’ Hideout from it’s owner, Vince Cantu.

A recent article published in the San Antonio Current, “Libertarian Party leader tells San Antonio council that violence may erupt over Moses Rose’s dispute” captures some remarks from the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Bexar County, the full remarks of which are provided below. While the article’s quotes are factual, the reporting leaves out the greater concern and intent.

Taken out of context, this may seem to indicate that the Libertarian Party will resort to violence. It is important to note that the principle of non-aggression is a core belief that has bound Libertarians together since the party’s founding in 1971. This principle asserts that individuals have the right to pursue their own interests without interference from others, as long as they do not initiate force or fraud against others.

Cherry picking sensationalist quotes may drive clicks, but the intent of the remarks as evidenced below is to prevent violence. In ensuring this end is met, it is vital that our politicians have a correct read on the pulse of their constituents. Again, we only pray that City of San Antonio and Texas politicians are receiving this message.

LPBexar’s full COME AND TAKE IT eminent domain rally can be found here:

Dear Members of the City Council,
My name is JR Haseloff and I am the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Bexar County.
I stand before you today to voice my firm opposition to your eminent domain vote which takes Moses Roses Hideout from Vince Cantu. It is an absolute travesty that you were willing to take it away from him in order to checks notes expand the footprint of the Alamo.
The Alamo? A location where grown men found it quite reasonable to fight and die for the ideas of individualism and private property rights and in order to stand against the VERY similar government overreach that you yourselves are exhibiting today.
The Alamo is a symbol of freedom and liberty, and as much as your staffers fill your twitter timelines with fake reverence to the ‘great Spirit of Texas’, your actions spit in the face of Texans who truly value what it stands for. Your use of eminent domain is an affront to the very principles of the Alamo and upon which this great nation was founded.
I don’t want to parse words… What you are doing is nothing short of theft. You are taking property that does not belong to you and giving it to someone else for their own purposes/profit. This is unacceptable and must be stopped.
I call on you, members of the City Council, first, quit hiding behind the City Attorney’s instructions of “Just don’t publicly comment on it”, next, take immediate actions to engage with the Alamo Trust, develop new plans that don’t require the use of stolen property, engage the GLO Office and Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, quit letting them bully you. Stand up for what is right protect a private property owner here in San Antonio. This is your job. If you forget your job voters will remember you 24April (as early Voting begins) through May6th, your reelection day.
And to the people of San Antonio, I urge you to join us in our fight. Make your voices heard, replace these tyrants on City Council, and signal that the people will not stand for this injustice. Not in Texas, Not in San Antonio, And DEFINITELY NOT on the grounds of the Alamo.
To finalize, last week, I was honored to emcee the COME AND TAKE IT eminent domain rally at Travis Park. And while that rally was, out of an abundance of caution, marketed as a “peaceful protest”, I have to testify that grown men, individuals and organizations alike, once again are now signaling that they are prepared to sacrifice much more to prevent your theft of Moses Rose’s Hideout. I can only pray that you and our Texas politicians are receiving this message.
In conclusion, let me be clear: we will not stand idly by and watch as you steal the property from our fellow citizens. We will fight back, and we will win. Thank you.

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LPBexar Launches Candidate Survey to Inform Voters in Upcoming Elections

Press Release: LPBexar Launches Candidate Survey to Inform Voters in Upcoming City Council Elections

San Antonio, TX, February 22nd – The Libertarian Party of Bexar County announced today the launch of a candidate survey that will be shared with all candidates running for one of the 10 City of San Antonio district seats as well as the Hollywood Park city council spot in the upcoming elections. The intent of this survey is to develop a Voter Guide to ensure residents of Bexar County understand the values of these candidates and can make an informed decision when voting.

The survey consists of a set of questions designed to gauge each candidate’s stance on a variety of issues, including taxation, regulation, eminent domain, and individual liberties. All candidates are invited to answer the survey, and their responses will be shared with the public as part of the Voter Guide.

“We believe that every voter has the right to know where their candidates stand on the issues that matter to them,” said JR Haseloff,, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Bexar County. “By launching this survey, we hope to provide voters with a clear and concise resource that they can use to make an informed decision when casting their vote.”

The Libertarian Party of Bexar County is committed to promoting individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government. The organization believes that it is important for voters to understand the values and positions of their candidates, especially in local elections where decisions made by elected officials can have a significant impact on the lives of citizens.

The Libertarian Party of Bexar County encourages all residents of Bexar County to participate in the upcoming elections and make their voices heard.

# # #

For more information on this matter, contact JR Haseloff at

The Survey will cover the following topics:

Section 1 Principles:

  • In your opinion, what are the top three issues currently affecting San Antonio, and if elected, how would you address these?
  • Do you believe that there should be any additional legal limits placed on speech?
  • Do you support restrictions or bans on ownership of specific types of firearms?
  • Eminent Domain has been abused by governments, and their agents, through the seizing of property without just compensation, for reasons other than “public good,” and to shift power further in the favor of the powerful. What would you do, if elected, to improve CoSA policy around the use of eminent domain?
  • Do you support the idea that relationships between consenting adults, regardless of the number of participants, should have no impact on the government’s treatment of individuals in child custody, adoption, or other legal proceedings or government employment practices?
  • What three City of San Antonio programs would you terminate and why?

Section 2 Public Safety:

  • Do you support San Antonio Police Department’s policies that effectively ban chokeholds and no-knock warrants?
  • In 2022, voters in Austin, Denton, Elgin, Harker Heights, Killeen and San Marcos, overwhelmingly approved the decriminalization of possession of less than 4 oz of marijuana. Would you support an ordinance to decriminalize possession of marijuana in San Antonio?
  • Do you support the San Antonio Police Department hiring more officers?
  • Do you support repealing ordinances that create penalties for crimes with no clear victim (i.e., vagrancy, possession of a controlled substance, sodomy, etc.)?
  • Policing in America is a common topic of discussion in U.S. politics today, with much of the discussion focused around local policies. What is your view on the state of policing in America, and what would you seek to accomplish in San Antonio if elected?
  •  In 2020, the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University found civilian oversight of the police in San Antonio to lack access, independence, transparency, budget, staffing, legal standing, or any power to influence policy. What changes would you make to the Complaint and Administrative Review Board (CARB) to achieve effective oversight and increased civilian trust?

Section 3 Local Economy:

  • The sales tax rate in San Antonio is 8.25%, with the city sales tax rate being 1.25%; do you support initiatives that would reduce the sales tax rate in San Antonio?
  • In FY 2023, the property tax rate for San Antonio is 54.161 cents per $100 of taxable value, which has been compounded by the sharp 23% increase in appraised average home value in 2022. Do you support initiatives that would reduce the property tax rate for ALL property owners in San Antonio?
  • Do you support repealing ordinances that create barriers to entry for low-income entrepreneurs (i.e., occupational licensing, permits, etc.)?
  • Do you support a city mandate that requires public places, including private businesses, to post signage with domestic violence resources?
  • The COVID-19 pandemic was a challenging time for state and municipal governments across America. In the event of a pandemic or other similar emergency, how do you think the city should respond? What, if anything, would you like to see done differently next time?
  • The official inflation rate is 7.1%, but actual inflation of food items is closer to 11% and energy is at 13%. What reforms would you recommend to reduce the burden of inflation locally?

Section 4 City Services

  • SA’s Ready to Work program continues to fall behind targets, despite representing a significant increase in the sales tax rate (0.125%). Do you support canceling this program and the tax increase that pays for it?
  • Do you believe CPS Energy is best managed by the City of San Antonio (instead of a private energy provider)?
  • VIA Metropolitan Transit is funded through a 0.500% sales tax increase. Do you believe taxpayers are receiving a good return on investment?
  • At an average cost of over $11,000 per student, Pre-K 4 SA is nearly 25% more than both the national Head Start program and the SA area school district. Do you support program reforms that would significantly reduce the cost of this program?
  • In October 2022, the Federal government started the House America initiative, and San Antonio was one of first cities to take the pledge. If elected, what do you believe should be done to help the homeless population in San Antonio?
  • In many neighborhoods across the city you will find “Mi Barrio No Se Vende” signs. If elected, how will you balance revitalization efforts, attracting investors, and fears of displacement within low-income neighborhoods?

Section 5 Education

  • Do you support a voucher program where a specified amount of educational funding could be applied to a student’s schooling, technology, or transportation expenses, at the educational institution of their choice?
  • Do you support public school districts mandating vaccinations not required by the State of Texas?
  • According to the 2022-2023 Parent Student Handbook, a fifth or eighth grade student must perform well on the STAAR exam to advance to sixth or ninth grade, respectively, in SAISD. Do you believe that satisfactory STAAR testing is an appropriate prerequisite for promotion to the next grade in San Antonio schools?
  • Do you support the Connected In the Classroom initiative, which is currently estimated to cost San Antonio taxpayers $27 million, and provides distance learning capabilities to students living in specific areas of eight K-12 San Antonio area school districts and the Alamo Community College District?
  • Although 95.3% of Texas schools did not permit mock intruders access during the recent 2023 state-wide safety audit, school safety is the top issue for parents according to the annual Charles Butt Foundation’s Texas Education Poll, with 53% of parents perceiving at least a moderate risk to students in their communities. How will you approach the issue of school safety in San Antonio, and what solutions will you bring to the dais?
  • What do you believe the public school’s role is in teaching and interacting with students on controversial topics such as sexual and gender education, historical race relations, gun control, etc.?

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